Hanouf ALBalhan

Who am I ?

I grew up in a large and diverse family in its culture and enjoyed its tastes. It formed my sense of taste and started imitating my grandmother, my mother and my older sisters, but I had my own flavor, and it was my first project at the age of 16 And with him the journey of commerce and the lack of experience, success was at the level of quality and the large number of requests. I loved sweets, pastries and cakes and excelled in them and at the age of 18 I decided to complete my studies in this specialty, but the parents refused because of their fear for the labor market and there is no in this field, especially,I decided to postpone this dream and complete my studies while continuing the challenge of starting over from scratch The chef decided to teach me step by step, and the first stage is to stop working at home, taste and start work Over the past 20 years, I have gone through technical and rich experiences on a personal and professional level. I have presented TV and radio cooking programs,cookbooks,founding restaurants, food manufacturing, and vocational training that assess international quality standards, and all of them today I put in your hands to benefit from and consulting that I provide at the end and in the end I would like to tell everyone who believes with passion that challenges are a part of life, but your belief in yourself is what you would like to represent the reality that he wants and deserves. Keep consulting and work and you will reach what you love for sure.

 ” Welcome to my world ”                        


Academic qualifications




Chef’s training class

Collaboration with international companies

Participation in the design of the Panasonic product

Expo Milano

Participation in international exhibitions

Kitchen Supervisor Kuwait Pavilion 2015

Academic qualification

 Diploma de Cuisine   from the Corden   Blue Institute 

Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts from the New Hampshire Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts in New Jersey, USA

Certified Senior Auditor in Quality Management ISO Certificate

Diploma Pastry from Corden Blue Institute

holds many Certificate arts degrees from several countries around the world in the kitchen (Indian / Italian / Chinese / sweets and pastries)


Member of the

Kuwait Red Crescent Society

Member of the

Human Rights Association


Chef Hanouf Al-Balhan is a professional chef who helped me step by step to transfer my project from my home project to reality and embody it in a food and kitchen supplies company with international quality standards

Diaa Al-Rajiba - De cuisine Food Equipment Company

I strongly advise anyone like me who has a background in the central kitchens, deals with the beloved and elegant Chef Hanouf, I summarized many things that I did not know and the basics important to me in my project

Mai Al Subaie - ENTRY BAKERY

We feel proud to recommend Ms. Hanouf as a food consultant at the beginning of your business when we decided to set up our own bakery, she was the one who developed the concept from scratch. We are sure it will never disappoint you. If anything, we are sure it will create and add value to your place. bakery room



رمضان طريقك الي حياة صحية

By Hanouf AlBalhan

8 د.ك

أطباقي في الوطن

By Hanouf AlBalhan

7.5 د.ك

مطبخ هنوف

By Hanouf AlBalhan

7.5 د.ك

خير المقادير

By Hanouf AlBalhan

10 د.ك

حلويات رمضان  الخاصة

By Hanouf AlBalhan

7 د.ك